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Update AVG Instruction

AVG Technologies do not recommend using this method to Update AVG because of the size of the update file. This is only recommended if there are reasons that you can’t update from the internet using AVG.
If you need to perform a manual update 1st you will need to get the latest update AVG files from the AVG Free website at the update AVG Files. The Priority updates contain the full virus database. The recommended updates AVG include the database and new program updates.
The optional updates include those and additional files that may be of help. Choose the one that applies to your system, if in doubt, get the recommended or the optional update file and download the file to a directory on your computer that you can find later. You must remember where this is because you will have to tell Update AVG where to find these files later. Product improvements provided to the users update AVG Anti-Virus.

Update AVG

1. Verify and update your computer’s time and date, AVG uses this information to determine if you have the right files.

2. Open the control center,

3. Double Click on the Update Manager or select it then press the Properties button at the bottom of the screen.

4. On the Properties screen unselect the option labeled “Do not ask for the update source”, click Apply and Ok.

5.Then click the Update button on the bottom of the screen.

6. In the pop-up window, click the Folder button.

7. Navigate to the folder where you had downloaded the update files into and click Ok. (Sometimes this needs done twice for AVG to see the file.)

8. AVG will update now with the file you had selected unless it contains the same as you already had.

That should be all you need to have updated your system. Visit website

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